Workplace Accidents

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Accidents happen in work environments of every sort, from agricultural operations, construction sites, manufacturing plants, refineries and mining operations to office settings.

Both state and Federal laws require employers to provide a safe workplace. In Washington, state law also mandates that all employers have an accident prevention plan and subjects employers to random State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) enforcement audits.

Despite accident prevention plans, safety precautions, equipment safety standard, safety training programs and safety manuals to guide employees, workplace accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Manufacturing processes may involve dangerous chemicals, flammable liquids and gases present other hazards, or equipment may fail to perform as expected. While some workplace accidents are due to fires, explosions and equipment malfunction, others, like repetitive trauma injuries develop over time. Employees driving company trucks and other vehicles encounter accidents in the course of their travels on company business.

In all states, laws require employers to provide workers' compensation insurance to protect employees who are injured, disabled or who die from accidents in the workplace. Washington employers have the option of paying into the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries' State Fund workers' compensation insurance program or they may apply to become Self Insured. When you are injured on the job in Washington, the process for filing a workers comp claim differs, depending on whether your employer is Self Insured or pays into the State Fund.

Under worker compensation programs a wide range of injuries and illnesses are covered, ranging from bone fractures, back injury, hearing damage, eye injury, work induced heart attack, repetitive trauma injury, loss of fingers, arms, legs, as well as death. 

Benefits available through workers comp insurance may include medical expenses, temporary disability, permanent disability, pension, replacement of lost wages, physical rehabilitation and surviving dependents’ death benefits.

At the Tacoma law firm of Manza & Moceri, our personal injury and wrongful death attorneys have been helping clients injured in the workplace and families of those who have died in accidents on the job, since 1949.

If your workers’ compensation claim has been denied, if a party other than your employer or a defective product is responsible for your injury, or you are a surviving dependent of someone who has died, our lawyers will protect your rights and assist you in pursuing recovery of damages for your injury, medical bills, loss of wages as well as pain and suffering. For a no cost, no obligation initial consultation, we invite you to contact our workplace accident attorneys at 877-473-2771 or 253-473-2771.

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